Daily Card: The King Of Coins Reversed

King Of Coins reversed is a card that speaks of unrealistic business deals and get rich quick schemes. Recheck your plans closely before agreeing to any business opportunities or dealings today. Those involved with these business deals may promise more than they can deliver. Stability and discipline as needed in business deals. Responsibility regarding managing money is highly advised.

Today’s Card-An explanation of the King Of Coins Reversed

Today’s card is the King Of Coins reversed. He is asking us to be careful with business dealings and people who promise more than they can deliver. Some instability is indicated when this is reversed. There is a need for stability and discipline in life as well when this King shows up reversed. This card is also speaking of feeling unsure about what will be manifesting in our futures financially. It is a perfect card to explain the feelings many have around the sequester at this time. Tomorrow is the deadline on the cuts and many are feeling they need to be careful with money at this time. A wait and see attitude. It is ok to save for a rainy day but do not let the fear of what could be run your life!

Preparations for the trip to England

Please forgive my lack of writing yesterday. I like to take a break on Wednesdays to rest up. Only five more days before I leave to see My Love and I am very excited. I have to tackle my closet today. I will try on clothes and clean out my closet. It is time to decide what I will be taking with me. So today will prove to be a very busy day. Between doing Tarot Readings for my clients and cleaning out the closet, I’m thinking I will be staying out of trouble today! Just kidding about the trouble I never go looking for it, it always finds me ok all by itself. I will continue my ongoing preparation update tomorrow. Much love and light to you and have a blessed day as always!

Today’s Card

Today’s card speaks of a lovely offer or invitation of love. The Princess Of Cups is a young woman who is loyal and emotionally open to new experiences. She is gentle and kind and filled with intuition. Gentle in spirit and full of grace and talent. She comes to you today with her refreshing cup filled with love overflowing. Drink deeply from her cup and enjoy the love and invitations to love today. She can also speak of offers and invitations. Depending on what stage a love relationship is in. It can mean an offer for a date, an engagement or marriage proposal! What a great card! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day!

Going to spend some time with My Love in England!

I will be heading off into the sky to meet My Love for the first time. I am leaving March 5th and returning April 9th. My brother will come and live in my house while I’m gone to keep an eye on the place. This will be our first face to face meeting. I will be writing about our adventures through the places we will visit in England and the things we will do. It should prove to be quite exciting, mystical and magical. I am so looking forward to being with My Love after five years of getting to know him. Really no matter where we go or what we do it will be the best just because I get to be with him. That’s really where my heart lies. I am so excited to finally be together! So stay tuned and I will be updating our adventures. I will continue our wonderful love story after I return from this exciting trip. I know I’ll be crying in my soup when I have to come back without him. I’m just going to have to hog him all to myself as much as I can…

Getting to know you on Yahoo continued

It took me sometime to be able to replace my dead PC. Two months had passed and I believe My Love had misplaced my phone number as he did not call. So when I finally got my brand new Apple computer I was excited to try it out. Everything was set up and ready for use and I thought should I go ahead and install Yahoo Messenger again? I decided to take the jump. I thought oh for sure he is gone. After all, I haven’t written anything in two months and we have not spoken surely he thinks I’ve just abandoned communication. I could not believe my eyes when I finally reopened Messenger. There was a message every single day from him for the last two months. I was blown away to say the very least. Most of them were just the usual Good Morning Honey but a few spoke of trips he would be taking for business or maybe to see a sporting event. One was a trip to Scotland and my imagination transported me to his description of the places and people there. It called out to my own very strong Celtic heritage and created a sense of longing to be there. Like going home. I was very impressed with his tenacity and this man was melting my heart!