Getting to know you on Yahoo continued

It took me sometime to be able to replace my dead PC. Two months had passed and I believe My Love had misplaced my phone number as he did not call. So when I finally got my brand new Apple computer I was excited to try it out. Everything was set up and ready for use and I thought should I go ahead and install Yahoo Messenger again? I decided to take the jump. I thought oh for sure he is gone. After all, I haven’t written anything in two months and we have not spoken surely he thinks I’ve just abandoned communication. I could not believe my eyes when I finally reopened Messenger. There was a message every single day from him for the last two months. I was blown away to say the very least. Most of them were just the usual Good Morning Honey but a few spoke of trips he would be taking for business or maybe to see a sporting event. One was a trip to Scotland and my imagination transported me to his description of the places and people there. It called out to my own very strong Celtic heritage and created a sense of longing to be there. Like going home. I was very impressed with his tenacity and this man was melting my heart!

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