Going to spend some time with My Love in England!

I will be heading off into the sky to meet My Love for the first time. I am leaving March 5th and returning April 9th. My brother will come and live in my house while I’m gone to keep an eye on the place. This will be our first face to face meeting. I will be writing about our adventures through the places we will visit in England and the things we will do. It should prove to be quite exciting, mystical and magical. I am so looking forward to being with My Love after five years of getting to know him. Really no matter where we go or what we do it will be the best just because I get to be with him. That’s really where my heart lies. I am so excited to finally be together! So stay tuned and I will be updating our adventures. I will continue our wonderful love story after I return from this exciting trip. I know I’ll be crying in my soup when I have to come back without him. I’m just going to have to hog him all to myself as much as I can…

5 thoughts on “Going to spend some time with My Love in England!

  1. globetrottermama says:

    How exciting! I hope the trip is a true success. Enjoy!

    • Thanks so much for your well wishes. Hope you are enjoying your trips as well and there is much love and light in your life! I look forward to sharing your travels with you through your blog!

      • globetrottermama says:

        You’re very welcome. I look forward to reading all about your trip! We’ll speak again soon. 🙂

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