Daily Card

Five Of Coins upright,  Feeling impoverished or poverty stricken.  Lacking in some way.  This can be a sense of impoverishment as a lack of material resources, spiritually depleted, emotionally stressed and a lack of wealth.  Going within oneself to find greater resources.  Insecurity.

Today’s Card

Today’s Card is asking us to have faith in the future.  Impoverishment can lead us to motivation to succeed.  Do not allow this feeling or reality at this time in your life to lead you to defeat.  Do allow it to teach you appreciation for what you do have.  Those things, people or wealth we had in the past can lead us to a deeper appreciation for what we do have now and a realization that we really can be happy with less.  It also can lead us to a deeper sense of compassion for others who have much less than we do.  ~Allow this time to grow you spiritually.~

In The Beginning

FEBRUARY 22, 2013
The Beginning

I met my love on line in a chat room. This in itself does not sound very romantic but it has grown into a sweetly romantic relationship with sooo much compatibility. I have indeed been blessed. It started in April of 2008. He approached me and said “Would you like to talk to a British guy?” I hesitated for a bit and wasn’t sure about it as he was so far away. I was living in Wisconsin at the time and thought how will this ever work? I am not a fly by night type of relationship person and if it developed into more than just chatting on the net how could we keep it going? Sensible questions, but he was so polite, kind and gentle..I thought oh what the heck and responded. Sure. We spoke for a while and he asked if he could call me. I sent him my phone number and he called immediately. We spoke for a short period of time and then hung up. He was kind and sincere and do I have to tell you how utterly charming that British accent was? Oh my..I was swept off my feet!