Daily Card: Four Of Staves Upright

Four Of Staves Upright-Description Of The Card: Stability of ventures. Success of a new venture. Enjoying success. Finally reaching goal and overcoming obstacles. Great satisfaction. A new marriage or living together situation. The end of unstable situations. A new home.

Four Of Staves Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This is a fabulous card to pull today! We all need this news during these very trying times these last couple of years. Stability is beginning to open up like a closed up Rosebud that opens in Spring. New beginnings with business and stability. It also indicates new beginnings with stabilizing relationships as well, which will lead to a new marriage or living together. Accomplishing goals and dreams and putting the hardships of the past behind you. The possibility of a new home. ~Starting fresh and new after hardship~ What a great card for a change!

Last post before I leave for England

This will be the last post before I leave for England. Trying to remember all the odds and ends I have left to do and hoping I don’t forget anything. The cab comes to pick me up at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. I will fly from Charlotte to Chicago and have a five-hour lay over there. Then leave for England around 6:00PM. I am hoping to eat dinner on the plane then sleep all the way over. I am due to arrive in England 7:45AM on Wednesday morning. My oldest daughter of identical twin girls will be coming to spend some time with me during my lay over time. She will bring my much adored Grandson with her. Her family lives in Milwaukee and it is a relatively short drive for a stay at home mom. I am looking forward to reconnecting with them! We will have to run my Grandson around the terminal to work off all that youthful energy. Wish I could suck some of that energy out of him, us older people need it more than they do! LOL..I will not be posting again until probably Thursday or Friday depending on how exhausted I am when I get there. So as always, much love and light to you and have a blessed day!

Daily Card: Temptation Reversed

Temptation Reversed-Description Of The Card: Getting free from temptation. Liberation from something that has controlled you in the past. People, places, things and addictions of all kinds-drugs, alcohol and sex. Turning a weakness into a strength. Taking an honest look at who and what controls your life.

Temptation Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: This is an intense card! We all have addictions of some kind and have to be ready to give them up if we are to ever conquer them. Temptation reversed speaks of freedom from these addictions that have had such a strong control over us in the past. This card is all about liberation and celebrating that liberation. It is a hard-fought and won victory over something or someone previously controlling in our lives. Drugs, alcohol, sex, money, envy, jobs, relationships and people who are destructive. The list goes on and on and we all have one or more of these temptations. Today’s card is saying now is the time to lay them down and walk away from their influence and control in your life. It may be just one of them and that is ok. Slow and steady wins the race in the long run. If you have more than one. Just conquer one of them at this time. This card is saying the fight can be won at this time! Much love and light and strength to you and have a blessed day!

Singing The Praises Of My Love

My Love called me this morning just as I was waking up for the day. He does that quite often. He takes a neighbor of his grocery shopping every Sunday..he is compassionate and thoughtful that way. I sat in bed drinking my morning coffee and he called to tell me what he had picked up for me at the store this morning. I am gluten intolerant and need a special diet with certain things. He had bought me all of these wonderful gluten-free products so I could enjoy a morning with toast and jam, some wonderful gf spreads, bread, several different crackers and a few other things. He is also making me a stew to have for tea on Wednesday when I arrive there. Tea is their evening meal. It is not just a snack. I used to think it was a little snack between lunch and dinner. But it is an earlier dinner than we usually take. Which really makes good sense to eat a larger meal earlier before bedtime. I have some odds and ends to pack up and will have a shorter and shorter list each day. The cab is coming to pick me up and take me to the airport on Tuesday morning. So it is getting down to the wire and I am getting more and more excited everyday! Much love and light to you all and have a blessed day!

Daily Card-Ace Of Cups Reversed

I am changing my card reading format. I will give you the description of the card and Interpretation in one post. Easier that way!

Ace Of Cups Reversed-Description Of The Card: Disappointment with love and love relationships. Sadness and loss. Refusing the other person’s advances or affections. Not wanting to move forward with a love relationship.

Ace Of Cups Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: This is a very sad card! It speaks of a general discontent with a new love relationship. This card indicates the beginning of a new love relationship when upright but a disappointment with a new love relationship when reversed. It can also mean being disappointed with love relationships in general. Maybe an old love has broken your heart and you are afraid to try again. Disappointment and overwhelming sadness with the loss of a love from the past, which is coloring your feelings for this new relationship. Not wanting to move the relationship forward. Sometimes, we just need more time to let go of the past. If you are not absolutely sure you want to end things with this person, give it some time and let them know you want to go slowly. Take the time to establish a friendship first and see how you feel at that time. If you are sure you are not interested in this relationship at all, let them down easy. You never know, this could be a really great friendship!

Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

To take or not to take..that is the question!

I have packed up one big bag and my carry on. It looks like I will have to take my medium-sized bag as well. I have accumulated items I want to take to My Love’s house. After careful consideration, I have found that it is cheaper to pay for the extra bag than to ship these items separately via the mail. So, I’m going with the medium-sized bag as well. I have a few items to label and put in my carry on bag today. At least all the selecting has been decided. I am pretty well decided that next trip to England I will go after tax season is done. Too much to get done before leaving, can save more money and it will be warmer there as well. Warmer is better, less to pack! Less is always better! These are the lessons that only experience teaches us. Time is getting close to leaving and both my love and I are very excited! Yeah, can’t wait to go!

Today’s Card-an explanation of the Six Of Arrows reversed

Today’s card is the Six Of Arrows reversed. I am very glad I did not pull this card on March 5th when I travel to go see My Love. This card speaks of delays! Usually Travel delays and sometimes problems. Mechanical issues, flight delays, transitions that do not go smoothly. So if you are changing flights there may be delays that cause transitions between connections to be missed or delayed. This card also speaks of needing more information before transitions can be completed. Not just Travel wise but transitions of all kinds that would be a moving forward in life. A new job, moving, a spiritual moving from one place in life to another. Basically this card is saying there will be delays in moving forward with things in general. ~Patience and perseverance will be required today!~