Daily Card: Temptation Reversed

Temptation Reversed-Description Of The Card: Getting free from temptation. Liberation from something that has controlled you in the past. People, places, things and addictions of all kinds-drugs, alcohol and sex. Turning a weakness into a strength. Taking an honest look at who and what controls your life.

Temptation Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: This is an intense card! We all have addictions of some kind and have to be ready to give them up if we are to ever conquer them. Temptation reversed speaks of freedom from these addictions that have had such a strong control over us in the past. This card is all about liberation and celebrating that liberation. It is a hard-fought and won victory over something or someone previously controlling in our lives. Drugs, alcohol, sex, money, envy, jobs, relationships and people who are destructive. The list goes on and on and we all have one or more of these temptations. Today’s card is saying now is the time to lay them down and walk away from their influence and control in your life. It may be just one of them and that is ok. Slow and steady wins the race in the long run. If you have more than one. Just conquer one of them at this time. This card is saying the fight can be won at this time! Much love and light and strength to you and have a blessed day!

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