To take or not to take..that is the question!

I have packed up one big bag and my carry on. It looks like I will have to take my medium-sized bag as well. I have accumulated items I want to take to My Love’s house. After careful consideration, I have found that it is cheaper to pay for the extra bag than to ship these items separately via the mail. So, I’m going with the medium-sized bag as well. I have a few items to label and put in my carry on bag today. At least all the selecting has been decided. I am pretty well decided that next trip to England I will go after tax season is done. Too much to get done before leaving, can save more money and it will be warmer there as well. Warmer is better, less to pack! Less is always better! These are the lessons that only experience teaches us. Time is getting close to leaving and both my love and I are very excited! Yeah, can’t wait to go!

Daily Card: Six Of Arrows reversed

Six Of Arrows reversed speaks of Transitions, travel and movement. Since this card is reversed today expect delays in moving forward. There needs to be a better understanding of a situation before change can happen. ~Seek understanding in the situation to gain forward movement~

Today’s Card-an explanation of the Six Of Arrows reversed

Today’s card is the Six Of Arrows reversed. I am very glad I did not pull this card on March 5th when I travel to go see My Love. This card speaks of delays! Usually Travel delays and sometimes problems. Mechanical issues, flight delays, transitions that do not go smoothly. So if you are changing flights there may be delays that cause transitions between connections to be missed or delayed. This card also speaks of needing more information before transitions can be completed. Not just Travel wise but transitions of all kinds that would be a moving forward in life. A new job, moving, a spiritual moving from one place in life to another. Basically this card is saying there will be delays in moving forward with things in general. ~Patience and perseverance will be required today!~

Preparations to go see My Love continued~

Believe it or not, I got through my closet yesterday. It was a huge undertaking but now there are piles all over. Stuff to go to Goodwill. Stuff I won’t take. Stuff I will take. My living room is an obstacle course with suitcase, carry on bag, clothes and piles of what to carry on and what to pack in the suitcase. So many details. I’m sure at some point I will get this down to a fine art as there will be other trips in the future. I am taking things to leave at My Love’s house rather than haul stuff back and forth all the time. I’ll have to make a list of these items and my hope is that I can travel much lighter next time. My Love will hopefully come to visit me one day, but for now it is best for me to visit him. I live in the South and it is my hope that one day he can fly to my home and we can go to the US Open in Georgia. He loves golf and I know that would be an event he would treasure for a lifetime. It would bring me joy to bring him that joy. Got lots to do and I’d better get on it. Four more days before I fly out! Have a blessed day everyone!