Dates to Banny’s Fish & Chips Restaurant with my love in England

I just had to mention and highly recommend this Restaurant to you if you are ever in Northern England on a trip.  You can take a look at the restaurant and menu via their website:  My love took me to this restaurant several times and honestly, I could have eaten there everyday!  I love fish and in particular fish and chips.  I don’t know what the Brits do to their fish and chips but it is divine!  I am highly gluten intolerant and they catered to this allergy issue in the most delicious way.  When you are denied eating the things you love because your body will make you pay later, you because very anxious to try anything new.  Banny’s caters to Celiac’s and Gluten Intolerant people.  So, to say that my love had given me the most thoughtful gift ever is an understatement.  He had obviously thought this one through.  He was told of their Gluten Free menu from a friend.  We walked into the restaurant and got seated quickly.  My love asked about the Gluten Free Fish and Chips.  Which the server said yes they had it.  The Manager came by our table and started talking with us.  Of course hearing my American accent we talked for a while about America.  The places and people.  My love had expressed to him that I was Gluten Free and I told him what a huge treat this would be. The Manager said well, I can give you information to order the batter to make your own Fish & Chips at home.  It is what they use.  To say I was excited would be an understatement.  He gave us the website:  They offer Gluten Free Breadcrumb coating, Fish & Chip Shop Batter Mix, Chippy Original-which is a malt flavored non-brewed condiment to put on your Fish & Chips, Curry Sauce and other yummy things.  Glu-2-Go is located at:  Land & Sea Direct Ltd, Main Street, Polmont, FK2 0PX, Telephone:  01324 71723, email:  These products produce the original authentic products you find in England.  Yummy!  I have to say, that I was very impressed with the above and beyond service we received at Banny’s Restaurant.  I wish I could have brought them home with me.  My love and I had fabulous dates there.  Check it out on the web and definitely put a visit to Banny’s on your must do’s if you are traveling to England! Here is the website for Banny’s:

Quote For The Day By ~Steve Maraboli~

“Renew, release, let go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something. Renew yourself. Release that attachment. Today is a new day!” 
— Steve Maraboli (Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience)

Daily Card: Four Of Arrows Reversed

Four Of Arrows Reversed-Description Of The Card:  Self imposed isolation. Feeling alone.  Needing more recovery time than has been allowed.  Needed to detach yourself from problems.

Four Of Arrows Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card:  This card speaks of recovering from something.  An illness, stress, problems.  When it is upright it speaks of taking a vacation to relax and get away from troubles as well.  But reversed this is a choice to be alone in order to work through stresses and problems but to also gain some much needed rest from these worries.  It can also mean a resting up from an illness to recover and wanting to just sleep.  There may be a sense of loneliness as well, because there is really nothing someone else can do for you to ease your troubles.  You must walk this path alone.  Allow yourself the time away to completely work through the issue.  As stopping this process to early will only be carried into your daily life and will create more difficulties.  Let go, release, get away if you have too and rest up.  Sometimes not working over a problem too much will bring clarity about it.  Then rejoin the world ready to deal with these issues and find joy again!  

Availability For Tarot Readings On May 31, 2013

For those who have requested my availability today. I will be available for readings until 11:00PM, eastern time today. If you would like to schedule a Tarot Card Reading with me, please go to my website to arrange an appointment with me. My website address is: Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

Whalley Abbey-Blackburn Diocesan Retreat House and Conference Centre

The Whalley Abbey-Blackburn Diocesan Retreat House and Conference Centre, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 9SS.  The Retreat House and Conference Centre can be booked for:  

  • Residential and Non-Residential Retreats, Conferences and Meetings
  • Dinners, Christenings and Wedding Receptions
  • Private guests wishing to spend a few days’ in quiet refection (bed and breakfast or full-board available)
  • Guided Tours of the ruins for small or large groups.  Afternoon Tea or Evening Buffet can be arranged after the tour.

Please contact the Abbey Office if you wish to make a booking:  

Telephone:  01254 828400


Coffee Shop and Gift Shop:  01254 828404

Registered Charity No  247647

Daily Card: Two Of Coins Reversed

Two Of Coins Reversed-Description Of The Card:  Taking on more than you need too.  Overwhelmed by demands on your time.  Concentrate on one thing at a time and finish that task before moving on to the next.  Overcommitting yourself.

Two Of Coins Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card:  Are you jugging too many things at this time?  Do you feel like you are trying to keep all the balls in the air and as a result nothing is really getting done?  If so, this card is speaking to you today.  It is tempting to try to get everything done and to keep working at until it is done.  But today’s card is asking you to prioritize what you need to get done and do one thing at a time until it is completed.  Then move on to the next thing and finish that task.  You will end up being much more productive and will be able to cross tasks off your to do list.  Which will give you a sense of accomplishment and completion.  Do not take on more tasks until you have already completed what you have before you now.  You will get more done doing one thing at a time and in no time your list will be done and your time will be your own!