The Brontes: Post Card About Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte-1818-1848. Emily Bronte was born at Thornton Vicarage on the 30th of July, 1818. she was at 5ft. 3in., the tallest of the three famous sisters, and rather different in character, being reserved and extremely resolute. Ellen Nussey said she had “a lithesome, graceful figure,” and “kindly, kindling, liquid eyes”. She attended the Clery Daughters School at Cowan Bridge in 1824 and later Roe Head School, Mirfield. In 1837, Emily became a governess at a girls boarding school at Southowram, near Halifax. In February 1842, she and Charlotte became boarders at a school in Brussels, but returned to Haworth on the death of Aunt Branwell, after which Emily stayed at home to look after her father. Emily’s masterpiece, “Wuthering Heights,” was published in December 1847. Amazingly, it was a failure. Like her sisters, she used a pseudonym, Ellis Bell. In 1848, whilst attending Branwell’s funeral Emily caught a cold which soon developed into consumption. She continued with her household duties and refused to see a doctor, but she died on the 19th of December 1848. It is thought that Emily”s illness was accelerated either by disappointment over the failure of “Wuthering Heights,” or by grief at Branwell’s death.


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