Daily Card: Power Reversed

Power Reversed-Description Of The Card: Oppressed by another’s power and authority. Insecurity. Loss of personal power. Passive aggression. Using power to manipulate others for personal gain.

Power Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: The Power card represents a man of authority and power. When he is reversed he is using that power for his own personal gain. He is not above resorting to misuse of power to control and manipulate you and everyone around you for his own personal gain. This man wants to make you feel powerless. He wants to convince you he has all the power and control and there is nothing you can do about it. He wants unquestioning authority over you and your life. He is actually out of control himself and is feeling very insecure. He feels he has to resort to these tactics to keep you and everyone else around him in check. He can also be passive aggressive. He gives the appearance that he is going to do something you have requested of him and then will turn around and do whatever it was he had planned to do in the beginning anyway. He has no problem using you and others by dangling prizes just out of your reach to use you or your resources for his own personal gain. If you are in business with this man, it is best to cut your looses and move on. Especially if he has promised you something in the past and you are still waiting for it to materialize. If you work for this man, to be sure your life is hell on earth right now. No matter what he has promised you, you will never see it happen. It’s time to look for another job as this job will never get better. Everything and everyone must circle around his every whim and God help the person who does not cater to him. It will truly be hell on earth. You will spend your entire career working for him walking on egg shells and never knowing when the next bomb is going to drop. You will be living in fear of loosing your job all the time. Life is too short to put up with this behavior. It’s time to move on!


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