Daily Card: Two Of Staves Reversed

Two Of Staves Reversed-Description Of The Card: New business ventures that lack forward movement after a really great start. Disappointment in projects. Frustration or impatience. Needing help.

Two Of Staves Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: There is a lot of frustration and disappointment around this card when it is reversed. Have you been trying very hard to get a new business venture going and it has been one obstacle after another? It started out with a bang and was going very strong in the beginning. Now, it feels like it is slowing down and your clientele are loosing interest in your business. Do not give up! This is the first thing I want to encourage you to do, is not to give up. Businesses fluctuate all the time. They are like riding the Wheel Of Fortune. You are up and running one day and then deader than a door nail the next day. New business ventures require a great deal of sticking to it to keep it going. You can not set in stone your plans for the future and how it will go. You have to ride the Wheel Of Fortune up and down, being careful to hold on to some of your resources when it is up to help in the times that it goes down. This card also says it is time to consult with others as well. Get some fresh ideas going. Ask other business owners what they do to help boost business. This can be invaluable. You can promote each other’s businesses, by placing a flyer where your customers will see it as well. A new twist on how you do business or the services you offer can breath new life into a business as well. Maybe a new marketing technique to add to the marketing you are already doing to let others know about your business and what it offers them. Keep adding different ways of reaching people. Blogging, social media, email campaigns, business cards, brochures, flyers, run special deals for your business or services, mugs with your business logo on them, if you can, pay for some advertising to let people know what you have to offer. The bigger your audience, the more customers you will attract. Consult with someone older than you and more experienced, this can be an invaluable resource for information. In America, we have an Retired Association Of Business Owners, who are retired and used to run a business. They are a wealth of knowledge, experience and information. If you do not have something like this where you are, I know you have old people in your community who would be more than willing to pass on their wisdom and experience to you. Our elders are an invaluable source of help and wisdom and most are happy to help you out and watch you grow!

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