Daily Card: Strength Reversed

Strength Reversed-Description Of The Card: Feeling insecure or fearful. Scattered energy. Wishing others would strong on your behalf. Stirring up trouble to make others look weak.

Strength Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: The feelings of fear or insecurity that come with this card can be about anything. In a Tarot spread the other cards around this card would tell what the fear was about. It could be a person, situation, circumstance you are currently in that is creating these feelings. You thoughts and energy are all over the map at this time and you are uncertain how exactly to handle this situation or issue. Try to relax and organize your thoughts. What is the first thing that needs to be done? Do this first then you can make decisions about the next step to take regarding the situation. Try not to think about what if’s as there could be a thousand different things that could happen and you would be worrying needlessly over them all. This card also speaks of wanting others to be strong for you. Anywhere you get support and encouragement is the place and/or the person to go to at this time. Perhaps a friend could at least offer you some counsel or words of wisdom about the situation. Do try very hard to resist the temptation to accuse others or to make someone else look bad. Just simply state your case and let others be negative or accusing. The fact that you are taking responsibility for yourself or your actions will work out much better for you. The other person’s motivates will become very transparent if you resist the temptation to blame others. Making someone else look weak does not help you look stronger, it creates doubt and suspicion about the issue. Just be honest and trust the process.


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