Daily Card: Queen Of Arrows Upright

Queen Of Arrows Upright-Description Of The Card: Wise in the matters of heart. Self knowledge. Master communicator. Brings clarity to a situation through communication. Honesty. Excellence in writing, speaking or anything else that uses words. A woman who has experienced life to the full!

Queen Of Arrows Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: Queens are always about a woman. This could be you or another woman you know. She has a vast knowledge of the affairs of the heart. She knows people and their motivations very well. She understands the in’s and out’s of the human experience and it’s complexities. She has gained this knowledge by experiencing both the good and the bad in life. She has seen it all! She is a mature woman to be respected. She has experienced great love given and received and great love lost. She also is well acquainted with the cycles of life, the consistent state of death and rebirth we all experience in life. This cycle allows us to grow and mature and is necessary. If she is approached respectfully, she will share her wisdom with you and she is bottom line about sharing that wisdom. She will tell you like it is. The only requirement is the willingness to listen to and act on the truth she shares. If this woman is you, this card is asking you to share your hard learned knowledge with those who will benefit from it. Do not cast your pearls of wisdom before the swine, who will not consider the wisdom you have learned through life. Do offer your advise and counsel to those who seek it with a pure heart. It will be greatly appreciated and acted upon. If you need this woman’s advice, look for a quiet and wise woman who does not gossip or stir up trouble. She is a realist and honest. She loves to help others who truly want it and will be glad to share her experience with you if you ask her. She has a heart to help others but can tend to get impatient with people who do not want to learn or grow. This what all of life is about to this woman. Sit at her feet, listen to her words and be wise! She will delight in watching you carry her hard learned wisdom off to enhance your life and hopefully, the lives of others as well!


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