Daily Card: Magic Reversed

Magic Reversed-Description Of The Card: Blocked power. Feeling like you are under someone’s spell. Manipulation, secrecy or using others. Controlling a situation behind the scene. Dishonest behavior which creates distrust and suspicion.

Magic Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: This is not a very good card and it is asking you to pay attention to other people’s intentions in your life at this time. There is a person who obviously has some control and influence about what happens in your life or they want it and will try to trick you into deceiving you that you can trust them. Watch what people do not what they say. This person will try to gain your trust to the point that you feel you must do their bidding. What is really going on is manipulation, secrecy and using others for their own personal gain. Does this person promise you things and somehow they never really happen? This is the Magic Card reversed. This person will also work behind the scenes maneuvering an outcome of a situation for their benefit, while getting you to do exactly what they want from you. If you have suspected this person in the past or ever caught them in a lie. Do not think for one minute that they are not lying to you. They are and are not to be trusted. Beware and pay careful attention to what is going on around you. This person will pick your pocket and smile in your face while do it! Forewarned is Forearmed!


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