Daily Card: Three Of Staves Upright

Three Of Staves Upright-Description Of The Card: A business venture about to become successful. Waiting for information. Seeing goals turn into action. Business success after a grand opening.

Three Of Staves Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card is great news to those who have recently started a new business! If you have just launched a new business venture, expect to watch it become successful. All your hard work and planning are about to pay off! You may be currently waiting for news about loans, vendors, hiring employees or the availability of a new location. Finally, all of your goals are starting to turn into realistic action and you are finally starting to see a profit from your efforts. If you have not opened the doors to your new business yet, when you do it will be a great success. So, get ready for the rush. Congratulations, it’s been a long hard road to get here. If you are still in the process of getting to the point where you can open your doors. When it is opened you will have great success. All of that hard work of bringing this idea from a dream to reality is about to pay off!


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