Daily Card: Magic Upright

Magic Upright-Description Of The Card: Developing magic within yourself. Creating positive changes. Self empowerment and actualization. A longing to grow beyond limitations. Transforming your life through originality and personal power. Creativity and endurance. Growing beyond limitations.

Magic Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: Learning the ways of magic, that sounds mystical and mysterious. Actually this is referring to the lesson of taking the higher ground. As in serving others and humbling yourself. Many people think the way up is climbing the ladder of success of being the best at something. This is a very spiritual card and the way up or creating magic is the way down. Humbling yourself and serving others is the real way up. This card also speaks of creating positive changes, this is also referring to helping others. Teaching them what you know to better their own lives. Self sacrifice. You are being called by this card to empower and being, as in the bettering of others lives. Lifting up, counseling, encouragement and sharing what you have learned spiritually and physically. Passing it on. Nurturing these lessons to fruit in other people’s lives. There is a longing to grow beyond the level of understanding that you are already at and to move to higher ground. Changes in your life that bring you to deeper understanding to move beyond yourself. New creative ways of being and enduring through the quest until it is completed and understood completely. Reaching a level of spirituality that moves you beyond limitations. Stop looking at where you are stuck and look at where you can go if you choose to let it transform you!

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