Daily Card: Contemplation Reversed

Contemplation Reversed-Description Of The Card: Distracted by the world. Not listening to your intuition. There is no time for contemplation or reflection. Superficiality. Feeling disconnected with your heart.

Contemplation Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: This card speaks of spending time alone whether it is upright or reversed. However, when it is reversed finding the time to spend in reflection is difficult at best. You are so distracted by the world, that you are not able to hear yourself think most of the time. You also may be very worried about events that are going on in the world to the point of distraction. You have been unable to connect to your intuition and your heart at this time as well. This lack of reflection is leaving you feeling stressed out, over-worked and over-worried. I know it seems that there is just no time to sit in contemplation and reflection, but you must take the time. Schedule a vacation or day off now. Schedule this time off in your planner or put in for a vacation day at work. That way, you will have this time already booked and you can plan the rest of your work schedule around it! It is a must to do this. Just like the body needs food to continue to function. So, also you need time out for solitude, to reconnect with your heart and soul. Do not spend this time out thinking about the outside world and it’s responsibilities. Eat, sleep, relax, spend time in contemplation and reflection. You will come back rested with a clearer more relaxed view of things and much more productive. Renew your soul and reconnect with your heart! It is a must do!

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day!


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