Daily Card: Four Of Arrows Reversed

Four Of Arrows Reversed-Description Of The Card: Choosing to spend time alone for recovery. A sense of loneliness. Needing more time to recover than has been allowed. Needing a more detached view of a problem or situation.

Four Of Arrows Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: Go ahead be kind to yourself today. Take some time out for sleep. Spend some time alone for reflection and healing. If you have been physically sick lately. Recovery will come to you quicker if you time to sleep and allow your body to rest and recover. If you are heart-sick, choosing to separate yourself from others is a wise decision at this time even if it does make you feel lonely. You need time to reflect on the situation and make some decisions. This is a hard process to be sure but you really need to take the time for yourself. Try not to spend the day just dwelling on this problem or situation. Do something that relaxes you and allows you to clear your head and heart. Whatever they activity is for you, sleeping, reading, a hobby, fishing, spiritual reflection..whatever allows you to release and relax. Today is all about doing that very thing.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day!


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