From The Brontes to Gawthorpe Hall

We have concluded our tour of Haworth and the life and times of The Brontes. I highly recommend the tour of Haworth. You will enjoy walking the streets to the Parsonage and stepping into the quaint shops all along the cobblestone streets leading up to the Parsonage and Church. There are wonderful restaurants as well. I enjoyed this day with my love greatly! If you love history you will love visiting Haworth. I will start a small series walking through Gawthorpe Hall which is a historic house with many wonderful collections on display. The Hall is located in Padiham and as My Love likes to say. “Everything happens in Padiham” This makes me laugh every time he says it. I will also share a monthly events calendar for the Hall as well. I hope you enjoy the series. I certainly enjoyed the tour with my love.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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