Gawthorpe Hall-The Entrance Hall

In 1850, several small rooms were demolished to make way for Barry’s panelled Entrance Hall, its carved oak screen communicating with a new, stone-arched vestibule and porch. The woodwork was taken out in 1945 to convert the room into a kitchen; but in 1987 the open-work screen and a section of the panelling around the two internal windows were reinstated, following the original drawings of 1851. The centre panel is a reused Jacobean overmantel, inlaid with initials and dates from the Shuttleworth pedigree. Another overmantel, carved in stone with the coat of arms of Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth, has been let into the wall of the vestibule; this was designed in 1851 for the Entrance Hall but made redundant when the fireplace was ingeniously positioned under a window. Later the fireplace was given a coloured marble surround inlaid with the initials of Sir James’s five children. As in the 1850s, the wall space above the panelling is hung with portraits. The four nearest the screen, portraying Civil War leaders who were imprisoned in Windsor Castle, are on loan from the National Portrait Gallery, as are those of Lord and Lady Derby (to the left of the fireplace); the remaining six, loaned by Lord Kenyon, are of prominent figures in Lancashire, c.1655. The figured chenille curtains of peacock design were made in 1920s by Morton & Co.

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