Gawthorpe Hall-The Huntroyde Room

The name given to this room by the 1st Lord Shuttleworth refers to the neighbouring estate of Huntroyde, visible from the windows. In Jacobean times it was the best bedchamber. Lawrence Shuttleworth’s coat of arms is boldly featured in the overmantel of 1604, with his motto Prudentia et Iustitia (‘Prudence and Justice’). The walls have been hung with a reprint of the earliest known paper for this room – a design by Walter Crane called ‘Lily and Rose’, first printed in 1894 by Jeffrey & Co. This is complemented by the 1940s window curtains, embroidered in crewelwork by Mrs. Dora Morse, of Claughton Hall, Lancaster, for her daughter, Mrs Mary Barton. Crewelwork of Jacobean style is displayed in the ‘Tree of Life’ bed-hangings and counterpane, embroidered by Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth. The work is dated 1918, and is one of the finest achievements of her earlier years at Gawthorpe. The bed itself, in common with the table mirror and wash-stand, appears to have been constructed in the early 19th century from carved and inlaid oak of mostly 17th-century date. More portraits from the National Portrait Gallery’s collection are hung in this room, along with an exotic flower picture (opposite the door) entitled Japan. This picture is by Marianne North (1830-90), flower painter, botanist and traveller, who was a half-sister of Janet Shuttleworth and a frequent visitor to Gawthorpe in the 1840s. An exhibition of the Shuttleworth family portraits, drawings and photographs can be seen in the room below the Huntroyde Room, reached from a short passage off the Staircase. The exhibition includes watercolours of Gawthorpe Hall in 1884 by N.E. Green and architectural drawings for the alterations by Sir Charles Barry in the 1850s.

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