Daily Card: Transformation Reversed

Transformation Reversed-Description Of The Card: Stagnation. Fear Of change. Resisting transformation. Wanting to move in a different direction but unable too. Changes that are painful at first, but are necessary to move forward. Creating new beginnings out of endings.

Transformation Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: This card gives one the sense of dread. You are viewing the coming changes with horror, depression and anxiety. But this is not necessary, your fear is getting the better of you in this situation. You actually have more flexibility and control when this card is reversed. It may be that circumstances are forcing your hand to make drastic but very necessary changes. This is not a pleasant place to be in but actually when you let the change happen there will be a real sense of release of anxiety and burden. The alternative is stagnation, instability, boredom and a loss of yourself. Let it go..fighting it will cause you so much more grief..letting it go will give you freedom and breathing room. Be brave..you may be down but you are not out. When you hit bottom, it is a clean slate to head upwards again!

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My website address is: http://www.queenofhearts58.com

Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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