On The Trail Of The Pendle Witches-Timeline Of Events-Part 2

April 2, 1612
Nowell orders Demdike, Chattox and her daughter Ann Redfearn to give evidence. Demdike confesses to evil deeds, claiming that the Devil came to her in the shape of a little boy called Tibb. She had met him in a quarry near Newchurch and he had sucked her blood leaving her ‘stark mad’.

April 3, 1612
Nowell sends Demdike, Alizon Device, Chattox and Ann Redfearn to Lancaster Castle to await trail for witchcraft.

Good Friday 1612
Twenty people gather at Malkin Tower, home of Demdike and the Devices. They feast on stolen mutton and make a plot to blow up Lancaster Castle. They also plan to kill Thomas Covell, the Keeper of the Castle, and free the imprisoned women.

Late April 1612
An investigator is sent to Malkin Tower. Human bones are unearthed, stolen from graves in Newchurch, and a clay image is also found.

Nowell sends for James and Jennet Device and their mother Elizabeth for questioning at Ashlar House, Fence. James confesses to causing the lingering death of Anne Towneley by slowly crumbling a clay image of her after she had accused him of stealing peat for his fire.

Nine-year-old Jennet names the people who were at the Good Friday gathering including Alice Nutter, a gentlewoman of Roughlee. Nowell sends the supposed witches to join those already at Lancaster Castle.

Demdike dies in prison, before the trail.

My two cents worth: It should be noted that many so called Witches were tortured into confessions. It is hard to believe these people freely confessed all of these acts without much pain and torture to get them to confess their guilt. They knew they would be sent to their deaths for committing such acts of treason against the Church.

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