Five Of Cups Upright: Card For September 10, 2013

Five Of Cups Upright-Description Of The Card: Disappointment or disillusionment with romantic relationships. Feeling trapped. Frustration and disappointment. Concentrating on problems instead of assets. Not looking for opportunities to improve the relationship. Creative blockage or infertility. Pessimism or depression.

Five Of Cups Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: Some tension is coming into love relationships when this card is pulled. Affections have turned sour, which brings feelings of alienation and hostility. There is a sense that something has changed in a big way, a sense that the relationship will not be the same. Go ahead and mourn the loss of the relationship the way you thought it would be, maybe overcoming some fantasies or unrealistic expectation. Two of the five cups have been spilled and caused the disillusionment. But there are three cups still standing, which means there are some redeeming qualities to this relationship, if you can get past the disillusionment. No relationship is ever perfect. Unfortunately, we are all human and we do tend to disappoint each other at some point in time. So, ask yourself if there are enough redeeming qualities to this relationship to keep it?

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