Queen Of Staves Reversed: Tarot Card For September 23, 2013

Queen Of Staves Reversed-Description Of The Card: Waiting too long to use your influences. Not demonstrating your strengths and talents to the world. Undermining your own authority. Feeling Powerless.

Queen Of Staves Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: When this Queen is reversed she is not a very pleasant or kind person. She can be mean, possessive, dictatorial, vengeful and vindictive. This woman dislikes people who are independent in their thoughts or actions, making her quite controlling. Jealousy and nasty tempered are the negative traits of her fiery temper when she is reversed. Her attempts at passion in relationships are often refused which makes her even more unpleasant. She expresses her bad feelings with anger, which leads to her spending a lot of time alone and angry. Oh my, this Queen is very hard to deal with when she is reversed. Most people run when they see her coming in this state, as she makes everyone’s life miserable when she does not get her way. It is best to just steer clear of her when she is in this state!

If you would like to schedule a Tarot Card Reading with me, please go to my website to arrange an appointment with me.

My website address is: http://www.queenofhearts58.com

Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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