Illusion Reversed-Tarot Card For September 24, 3013

Illusion Reversed-Description Of The Card: Delusion, Deception and Discomfort with emotions or relationships. Feeling dissatisfied with what you have, feeling that something better is always just around the corner.

Illusion Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: Deception and trickster behavior are in the air. Illusion reversed is a warning that you are being misled in a relationship. Those worries and suspension are correct and you should listen to your instincts in this situation. This card also speaks of hidden enemies and traps. Investigate offers that sound too good to me true to avoid traps. Lies and insincerity may be showing up more than you’d like at this time. Guard you heart and your mind. Do not allow your desires to lead you to believe lies. The pull to believe these deceptions will be very strong! This is not a good influence to start a hidden love affair, it will end up being exposed. Be careful and hold on to your heart!

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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