Tradition Reversed-Card For October 14, 2013

Tradition Reversed-Description Of The Card: The desire to throw out old social structures which limit and constrain. Fear of unconventional ideas and new ways of approaching issues. Nonconformity. Questioning tradition for tradition’s sake. Confronting superstitions.

Tradition Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: You may be fighting with making a decision and other’s opinions of the situation are influencing your decision-making processes about the decision. Are you pretending to be someone you are not because Tradition is dictating to you who you should be? Are you allowing worn out sets of values stifle you? These old ways of thinking of things could be crippling a new way of thinking. You could also be re-evaluating your religious beliefs as well which could lead you to imbalanced behavior and have you being excessive against these beliefs. Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water in an attempt to balance yourself. A more optimistic outlook from this card can be making your own decisions, defiance of traditions, rejecting bad advice or doing things in your own unique way. However, this card is effecting you today, you are in the process of balancing old ideas and traditions with new ones.

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