King Of Cups Reversed-Tarot Card For December 19, 2013

King Of Cups Reversed-Description Of The Card: Inconsistency. Unreliability. Need to stop fantasizing and get to work. Wanting more control over artistic aspirations.

King Of Cups Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: Kings always speak of a male figure. Whether this person is you or someone in your life. This King is an ocean of emotion. Very sensitive, caring and kind. When he is reversed however, he does not share much with you and is withdrawn. He can be sad and cover up things as well. Being secretive, but very vulnerable. He will tend to take his emotional pain out on others. Hot tempered, possessive and have addictive personality traits – he can inflect great pain to himself and displaying self-damaging traits. If you are involved with this man on any level, you could become a mediator. You will have to be very diplomatic and you will have to exercise all the self-restraint you can muster. When this card is reversed, you may find yourself in the middle of a conflict and trying to persuade rivals to come to an understanding. Indeed, a very difficult situation when this King is reversed! Step carefully and keep your cool. Someone has too!

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