Desire Upright-Tarot Card For December 20, 2013

Desire Upright-Description Of The Card: Feeling the forces of fate. If you are feeling impatient, transitions will go smoothly. It is meant to be! Being pulled by desire. Transitioning into the next phase of life. Outside forces are working with you.

Desire Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: The appearance of this card indicates success in many areas of life. In a love reading, this card indicates that there will be forward movement in a relationship and a sense that it is meant to be. Fated. In other areas of life there are battles to be won and considerable odds to be overcome. A resilient effort will be needed to succeed. A favorable outcome to this struggle is predicted when this card upright shows up in a reading. This card also speaks of unexpected good news that encourages your motivation, increases your optimism and provides a sense of well-being. Self-reliance and decisive action are the main concepts of this card, so prepare for forward action. You are the Master of your fortunes and can move your life in the right direction. This card can often mean a vehicle, traditionally, this card is the Chariot. So any form of travel or vehicle is also indicated. Perhaps, a new car is in your future or taking a journey via airplane, boat or railway. These travels are more related to business travel rather than pleasure. A warning connected with this card is to be careful not to allow excessive pride to develop. A reminder to act with humility will serve you well. Overall, this is a wonderful card upright!

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