Tradition Upright-Tarot Card For December 22, 2013

Tradition Upright-Description Of The Card: Following established social rules. Traditions that restrain. In love relationships, the desire for marriage or a committed living together arrangement for security sake. Awareness of public image and wanting to control it. Conforming to gain approval. Possible rigidity.

Tradition Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card is all about conforming to the rules society has set down for us to follow. Conformity and structure. It can suggest advice from a wise counselor and spiritual instruction regarding the proper way of doing things. It is the higher values of established religious systems and a teacher who will be a practical instructor as well as a spiritual or philosophical guide. This card can represent a real person who fulfills these roles, but usually this card is referring to a set of events that give moral guidance. This card represents convention, the tried and true, traditional values and propriety. Conventional thinking will win our every time. This card also represents a wise counselor who is older. Issues of right and wrong will be addressed by this person, as your judgement may be flawed and you could be having a hard time make a decision. This card is also an indication of a forth coming marriage. If there are thoughts of living together, there could be pressure to conform and get married. But this card in love relationships, does also indicate the possibility of living together as well. Legal responsibilities, contractual agreements and official documents may also be indicated when this card shows up in a reading. Lots of proper rules to follow when the Tradition appears!

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