Seven Of Cups Reversed-Tarot Card For December 28, 2013

Seven Of Cups Reversed-Description Of The Card: Fantasies are influencing how you are viewing life. It’s time to be more realistic. Seeing others the way you want to see them rather than seeing things as they really are.

Seven Of Cups Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: This card is all about making decisions and choices, whether it is upright or reversed. There could be some confusion surrounding these choices as there are too many choices to be made and too many people giving you advice. You are also having too many different view points coming from people and this is creating some confusion as to which way to go. You are going to have to listen to your intuition on this one, trust your choice and walk out in it. Disregard all the great advice, and go with your gut, the option that feels right to you. All is not as it seems and no amount of logic will show you which choice is right and which is wrong. There is a warning attached to this as well when this card is reversed. Take extra care making your decision, it can be easy to make a wrong decision at this time because there is such a strong pull to see things from a fantasy point of view. Make sure you are not making decisions based on just what you want, but what is truly the best choice for the situation. That is really the only thing you need to make sure about and then trust your gut, your instinct and walk out in it. Amazing opportunities are presenting themselves at this time, be sure to make the most of them. Also if a romance has been put on the back burner because of a lack of money, this will soon be resolved and you can move forward with the relationship. An intense card today, just make sure to take your rose-colored glasses off before listening to your gut, trust your decision and then make the jump!

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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