Contemplation Reversed-Tarot Card For January 2, 2014

Contemplation Reversed-Description Of The Card: Distracted by the world. No time to think or reflect. Superficiality. Feeling disconnected with your heart. Ignoring intuition.

Contemplation Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: When the contemplation card reversed shows up, there is rash actions and impatience raging out of control. Issues surround age also come into play. There could be issues surrounding aging creating some negativity at this time. Isolation and loneliness. Also issues around the young that are creating issue of impatience. The arrogance of the young, disregarding the advice of the older and wiser. This card also speaks of being mean, obstinacy, forgetfulness and refusing help of any kind. This person may be feeling alone as the result of a betrayal. It is difficult to determine if this feeling of betrayal is legitimate or as a result of this person maybe being demented without surround cards to give more clarity to the actual situation. Either way, this person is fearful and lonely. If this card is reminding you of someone, bite the bullet and go and see them. Offer some companionship, or take them out to lunch. Even, if they complain about it, this person is lonely and deserves some company in any form. Know that you have touched someone by these acts of kindness, even if they are not grateful for your effort.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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