Innocence Reversed-Tarot Card For January 11, 2014

Innocence Reversed-Description Of The Card: Cynicism and pessimism. Distrusting yourself or others. Not willing to make a start. Hesitation. Not listening to your inner voice or the spirit.

Innocence Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: When this card shows up reversed, there is a tendency to exaggerate the better qualities of this card. Warnings against impulsive decisions and actions that border on irresponsibility. You may be acting in an immature or irrational way. Common sense is strongly advised. Do not leap before you look and consider. Be sure to take a brutally honest look at what is coming up in the near future before you act or you could truly be seen as the fool! Sometimes this card reversed suggests: Sexual problems of some kind, gender identity issues, or confusion about your role for your sex. If this card is pulled first in a spread, it most certainly speaks of a journey or trip that should not be taken. It advises that this trip would be unwise at this time. Best to reconsider any travel plans.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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