Judgement Upright-Tarot Card For January 12, 2014

Judgement Upright-Description Of The Card: Moving into the next phase of life. Time of huge life changing decisions-very often welcome but intimidating because of the magnitude of the change. A choice must be made, something between higher and lower impulses. Important news or decisions. Self knowledge.

Judgement Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card signals a clear end and a new beginning in life. It is a logical conclusion, such as an end to work or the completion of a long-term venture. This is not a time for regrets, but for rejoicing! It’s all about a job well done and doing the right thing. Soon your rewards will be coming. You will be able to walk away from this finished duty looking forward to the next phase of life. You have finished an important phase of life and now bigger and better things are coming. New opportunities will show up soon. This new start will have far-reaching implications as they could bring major changes in your life and those changes could be very dramatic. This new way of life can bring opportunities to do things you did not have the time to do in the past. When you have a full card reading and this card shows up it can indicate a speeding up of the events that will show up in the surrounding cards. The Judgement Card also speaks of possible legal proceedings. So, if you have any legal disputes, the appearance of this card says, the judgement will be ruled in your favor. A very positive card to be sure! Out with the old and in with the new, a bright future indeed!

If you would like to schedule a Tarot Card Reading with me, please go to my website to arrange an appointment with me.

My website address is: http://www.queenofhearts58.com

Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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