Prince Of Arrows Reversed-Tarot Card For January 25, 2014

Prince Of Arrows Reversed-Description Of The Card: Not understanding as much as you would like to. Wanting to move forward but being held back in doing so. Feeling like you can not defend yourself. Unable to express what you want to say.

Prince Of Arrows Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: The changeability of the Prince Of Arrows is becoming a very big problem when he is reversed. When this card is reversed he has no staying power to complete anything and he can even be getting into trouble because of it. He can be violent, secretive and treacherous. He can spin a tale that is very unbelievable if it benefits him in some way to do so. The problem is he is so crafty and intelligent that it is hard to catch him red-handed in whatever deception he uses to trick you. If this card is speaking to you about a person, beware. Princes are usually young men and he will be charming to be sure. If this card is not about a person, but a situation in your life, it can also speak of battles that are yet to be fought. So certainly prepare yourself for a fight about this issue. Forearmed is Forewarned!

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