The Magician Upright-Tarot Card For January 31, 2014

The Magician Upright-Description Of The Card: Casting a spell on another to create positive changes. Developing the magic within yourself. Renewed creativity and vigor. A desire to grow beyond perceived limitations. Having the ability to transform your life through originality and personal power. Self empowerment and actualization.

The Magician Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card is all about the new events in life. Initiative, new circumstances, new beginnings and great hope for the future. This card indicates a sense of purpose and use of willpower. The Magician is dynamic, a future looking individual who represents new opportunities. New starts are often filled with troubles. But, with a little wisdom and foresight, this cards says you will succeed in whatever you choose to do. The Magician also indicates a person who thinks quick on their feet and maybe uses a bluff or two along the way. But, this seems to work in your favor as it gets you through difficulties. If you are thinking about starting a new business or endeavor, this card is saying go for it. Your plans have a good deal of potential, and this card is issuing you a challenge to get these ideas off the ground. If you are facing difficulties, this card showing up is an excellent omen. Your quick thinking will keep you several steps ahead of the competition. You will be able to out-talk, out-think and even outmatch them at every turn. Your forward movement will be shrewd, well thought out and fast. There may even be traces of ironic humor about them. Go for it! This card is an extra bit of luck in your corner regarding your plans!

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

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