Sacrifice Reversed-Tarot Card For February 4, 2013

Sacrifice Reversed-Description Of The Card: Creating difficulties for yourself. Lack of compassion. Feeling like you are unable to make the sacrifices that are required in a situation.

Sacrifice Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: When the Sacrifice card is reversed. There is a deep desire to move on from a situation that is holding you captive at this time. You are being held in status and do not have the ability at this time to let go of past events. You could also be experiencing being manipulated by others who are using emotional blackmail to get their own way. This card can also indicate that you may be the one who is trying to be a martyr for less than desirable reasons of your own. If you are not the one trying to manipulate the situation, it’s time to ask yourself if you are being masochistic. Perhaps you are punishing yourself needlessly for some imaginary wrong doing. It’s time to take stock and figure out if you are stuck, because of something that is your own creation or manipulation or someone else’s doing at this time. This is the only way to fix the issue. You can only deal with your own actions if it is you to blame. If it is someone else to blame, do not continue to allow them to manipulate you. Take stock!

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