The following recipe was shared by: Anthony Harley and his other delectable creations.


Creative people will always find a way to create. When Anthony Harley’s Damside Mill workshop caught fire in December, it left him without a place to create his furniture. So he transferred his creativity into the kitchen in his Oxenhope home. Having never baked before, he started with homemade bread, and is (happily for his friends) working through the baking classics. He recently wowed guests with this delicious take on a family favourite. He insists that the quality of the preparation and ingredients will make all the difference – just like in his furniture.

-About 8 slices of good white bread, buttered with good butter and crusts cut off
-300ml of single cream and 300ml of full cream milk
-4 medium or large eggs
-35g caster sugar and a spoonful of icing sugar
-An orange and a lemon, zested
-An ovenproof dish about 1.25 – 1.5 litres (find out by measuring out some water and then pouring into the dish – if its within about an inch or two of the top, that’s fine), a heat proof 1-litre jug & a roasting tin big enough to put the dish in.

Cut each slice of bread into 2 triangles, and line the bowl (sides and bottom) with overlapping slices Sprinkle over the sultanas.

Make a custard by beating the eggs in the jug and adding the lemon and orange zest. Then heat the milk, cream and sugar together (gently, don’t boil), making sure the sugar has dissolved. Pour slowly into the eggs and stir well. Pour the custard over the bread, and sprinkle with icing sugar to prevent a crust forming on the custard. You can leave this to stand until ready to cook, or just for about half an hour to allow the custard to seep into the bread.

Heat the oven to 150/300 gas 3. Place the dish in the roasting tin on the oven shelf, and then pour in enough warm water to the roasting tin to come about half way up the pie dish. Bake for 20-30 minutes until set and with a golden top.

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