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TOP TECH TIPS by Michelle Thompson Of Cloud Free IT-Security Software – which one is best?

There have been significant strides made in improving built-in security in operating system software (Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android), but still the market is awash with security products purporting to be ‘all the security you’ll ever need’ for you PC, laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone. Some are free (yay!), but many can prove quite expensive (boo!), some are even malware themselves (eek!). Many of the ‘total protection’ products do so much scanning and protecting behind the scenes that your computer performance takes a nosedive. If you look at various product reviews online you’ll see that the answer to the ‘which one is best’ question varies, but it takes skill to see through reviewer bias and it’s important to assess the results over several months to get a true picture of performance, reliability and consistency. Free products often rank highly in these tests as the core malware scanning engine is the same as for the vendor’s paid-for product (minus the extra ‘bells n’ whistles’). Most ‘free’ products are only ‘free for home use’. If your computer is for business use, a paid-for security product is recommended, because vendors respond quicker to customers who pay for their software. If you run into a problem on a computer that holds business-critical data, you don’t want to wait 48 hours for a response from the helpdesk!

I think placing all your trust in any security software (free or paid-for) is, well, foolish (like having a car with great brakes, but driving without watching the road, or eating unpasteurised cheese you know is past its use by date). Spending money on software you may not actually need is..(expletive omitted to maintain decorum). If you don’t need all the ‘bells n’ whistles’ why pay for them?

Whichever security software you choose, cybercriminals & hackers will always be one step ahead. All security software works on a mostly reactive basis and relies on regular updates (usually every day). New threats may pass under the radar. To steer clear of trouble you actually need to do some steering yourself! Be proactive and ‘use your loaf’?

It’s very easy to block access to the majority of unsafe resources from your home network by using the ‘Internet Safety’ services offered by the larger ISPs, or by implementing security rules on a PC or router-based Firewall. It’s well worth consulting a professional on this though. A few pounds now, getting advice on security, may save you a fortune.

Sensible people avoid dodgy areas of cities after dark. If they have no option but to ‘venture into The Hood’ they certainly keep their valuables out of sight and steer clear of dark alleys! Why not adopt a similar attitude to your internet usage? Avoid altogether those ‘cyberplaces’ that could put your computer and personal security at risk is, well, common-sense! Coupled with the built-in security in your operating system and a well-know free security product this is usually enough for many users. It won’t ruin your computer’s performance and won’t cost a lot either.

If you want to know more, visit:www.getsafeonline.org

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