Distributing Real Community Connection, written by Diane (Distribution Manager)

It has become apparent over the years that our readers look forward to their magazine arriving each month and they soon let us know if it doesn’t get there safely.

We have a trusty back checker who knocks on doors once the mags are out, asking people if they’ve received their copy and reporting back to us.

We have high expectations when it comes to the distribution of your magazine. And our success lies with our team of 40 local people who, every month, whatever the weather, turn out to post your copy through your door.

Last December’s double edition was delivered by the team slipping and sliding on ice and snow, one suffering a painful fall, (I won’t name you Mr. A!) and some falling over, thankfully injuring nothing more than their pride.

February was a challenging month as well but did they complain? They just got out there and did what they had to do.

We think it’s time you met these fantastic people and starting this month it’s our intention to begin introducing them to you.

Meet teenage students, Chloe and Joe, two of the distribution team who are also a couple. Chloe has delivered the Worth Valley Mag in Oakworth for the last 18 months (with the support of her mum) and Joe has delivered the new Aire Valley edition in the Fell Lane area for 4 months. They’re a reliable, hardworking pair, both keen footballers who spend time coaching the under 9’s at Oakworth football club.

I asked Chloe if she had a message for the readers and she said, “If you young people are interested in earning, this is good. It would also suit older, retired people because it’s good to walk around in the fresh air”. She said she liked the mag because “It supports local businesses and creates opportunities for people like me”.

She added that the funniest thing to have happened whilst she was out delivering was the day she got stuck in a garden because spiders had crawled onto the top of the gate. She’s terrified of them and dared not open it. She had to wait for her mum to come and let her out! (aaaw!)

Joe told me that he enjoys delivering the mag because he likes being active and walking around the area where he lives and seeing people who he knows. He said “The mag is free for everybody, the adverts are good because they’re all local and it helps keep us busy”. He also commented on the quality of the photography, in particular, the front page pictures of local places.

I asked him “Who’s your favorite reader?” and he replied, “My dad!”
Be sure to say hello to Chloe and Joe if you see them!

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My website address is: http://www.queenofhearts58.com

Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

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