Princess Of Arrows Upright-Tarot Card For March 25, 2014

Princess Of Arrows Upright-Description Of The Card: News that brings sense to a situation. Education. Written or spoken messages and communications. Clear explanations. Someone who uses words to create influence, change and understanding.

Princess Of Arrows Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card represents a young woman who is intelligent and catches on to a situation quickly. There is not much that gets past her and it is not a good idea to try to fool her. The suit of Arrows is all about articulation with words and this Princess is eloquent. She can wield her words like a weapon, occasionally becoming sarcastic. You will find her eager to learn and is very good at turning a bad situation to her advantage. She is loyal and will defend you if she is on your side. This card will bring you news and communication. There could be some useful information coming your way, such as bringing you into contact with a helpful person who can provide you with the information you are seeking. This card also speaks of written communications coming your way. So, if you are waiting to hear from someone, an email or IM could be coming your way soon.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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