Fertility Upright-Tarot Card For March 27, 2014

Fertility Upright-Description Of The Card: Pregnancy. Experiences of fertility and abundance. Practical action which manifests as a physical product – Children, artistic endeavors, or wealth. A new marriage or special relationship that supports one’s growth. Ruling over your life. Expanding horizons.

Fertility Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: When the Fertility card upright shows up in a reading, a time or prosperity, joy and love are sure to follow. Material comforts and great happiness are in store. This card is associated with Spring time, the beginning of fruitfulness in the earth and human fertility. Pregnancy is most times indicated when the Fertility card shows up. The mothering instincts are expressed as a protective influence as well. There will be emotional support and feelings of security.

The fertility card also speaks of reassurance and love. It means that everything will work out alright for you in the end, and that you can be sure that whatever else happens, you are indeed held in deep affection. Sometimes the fertility card upright can indicate moving to a new home, especially if you enjoy decorating, gardening, growing your own produce, or love surrounding yourself with beautiful possessions. There is a sense of ownership with this card as well. This card is expressing the feeling of “This is mine”.

There are also strong connections to the arts with this card. If you are ambitious to create a masterpiece, compose a great symphony or publish a successful novel, then the Fertility card is smiling down on your endeavours. Your aspirations don’t have to be that lofty but know that the Fertility card promises great success and tremendous enjoyment of the very act of creating. In whatever form your creating may manifest!

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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