Seven Of Coins Reversed-Tarot Card For April 19, 2014

Seven Of Coins Reversed-Description Of The Card: Impatience. Not too sure if the rewards received for the work done will be worth it. Needing to work harder to create prosperity.

Seven Of Coins Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: The Seven Of Coins reversed is about idleness, wasting time and energy. A general feeling that you would very much like to have all the rewards now, without all the hard work involved to get those rewards. Unfortunately, there is no other way to gain the prosperity you are seeking than good old-fashioned hard work. Don’t we all wish we had a Genie in a bottle to grant our wishes! Unless you have such a Genie, you will have to work for your rewards.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

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