Princess Of Cups Reversed-Tarot Card For April 29, 2014

Princess Of Cups Reversed-Description Of The Card: An empty offer or invitation. Fickleness or immaturity of affections. Ambivalence. Codependence. Inconsistent or unreliable messages.

Princess Of Cups Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: The Princess Of Cups Reversed is someone who is trivial and can be spoiled. This person exaggerates their own weaknesses to play on the sympathies of others. He or she is petulant, demands the impossible and is then difficult to deal with when refused. This Princess lives in a dream world and if that dream world is challenged, they tend to become very angry when reality does not match up to the fantasy. Reality is not as fun as fantasy, but we all must face reality at some point. This card is asking us to face reality and do not allow fantasy to become our reality. This can be quite a painful process, and one that could have been avoided. Forgive yourself if you have done this and learn the lesson for next time. Growth is a necessary part of life.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

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