Justice Upright-Tarot Card For June 16, 2014

Justice Upright-Description Of The Card: Confident patience. Wise perspectives. Fairness. Need for a more detached viewpoint of a troublesome situation. Justice will be done. Worry not, you will be able to defend yourself; reasonable ears will hear.

Justice Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: The meaning of this card is obvious. The Justice card means, justice, logic, fairness and balance in all dealings with others. It is therefore good luck for partnership issues. Justice also points the way to the giving or receiving of good advice, and indicates that decisions made by powerful people will work in your favor. The card promotes a sense of balance and harmony of a cool, intellectual kind. It may indicate the signing of contracts that will be beneficial to you, success in all legal affairs, and advantageous business proposals.

One aspect of the card that is often ignored is that it denotes the righting of a wrong that has been done to you in the past, or a crusading zeal on your part to see justice done on behalf of another. When the Justice card turns up, issues of honesty, loyalty and idealism are paramount.

This card may also operate on a more spiritual level as the workings of positive karma. In other words, you may be justly rewarded for good deeds done in the past. In this circumstance you can expect a run of good luck, though in all probability you will have no idea why you are being so favored. However, you can be sure that in some mysterious way the cosmic balance is being righted.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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