Six Of Cups Reversed-Tarot Card For June 27, 2014

Six Of Cups Reversed-Description Of The Card: Feeling restricted by the past or memories. Lost harmony. Cynicism.

Six Of Cups Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: When the Six Of Cups shows up in a reading you can be sure that you are viewing your past with sweetness and rose-colored glasses. This overly optimistic view of the past may be obscuring the truth. You may be held back by old ideas and the imagined disapprovals of childhood role models. This card could be a message to grow up and take a more adult stance, make your own decisions and do not allow the past to rule your life. Look at your past fully and detach from the emotion of the situation. Let go and release it to the Universe. There is freedom in the letting go and moving on from the past.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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