Three Of Coins Reversed-Tarot Card For July 20, 2014

Three Of Coins Reversed-Description Of The Card: Time to recheck plans for expansion-are they practical? Are they appropriate for your abilities? Time for a reality check from those who may be more experienced.

Three Of Coins Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: The envy indicated in the upright meaning is more evident when this card is reversed. However, this time you are the envious one. The may also mean a waste of talent and a refusal to take the necessary steps to ensure your success. You may be too conservative in your attitudes, or merely content to dream about what you might do one day rather than actually make it happen. It is easy to dream and be envious of what others have with money, talents and businesses. Don’t just sit and dream about your success..become it! Take action, seek knowledge from others, then reach for the stars!

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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