Grace Reversed-Tarot Card For July 31, 2014

Grace Reversed-Description Of The Card: Not following your bliss, Insecurity. Feelings of unworthiness. Ignoring intuition. Fear of acknowledging your dreams, or not reaching a goal. (Description By ~Kris Waldherr~)

Grace Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: Although this is a positive card, the future can appear quite tense when The Star is reversed or surrounded by less fortunate cards. The optimism of the upright Star is blocked by a lack of belief on your part, or by an apparent lack of opportunities. You may feel that you have been let down so often in the past that you refuse to hope any more. At the very least, the reversed Star shows much self-doubt. However, although your once-bright hopes seem to have been dashed, you will still be surprised by your good luck – despite your cynical attitude. (Interpretation By ~Jonathan Dee~)

This card is fabulous whether it is up or down. Upright you are believing in a bright future in all you do..there is hope for a better tomorrow. Reversed, your fear could be telling you things that are just not going to happen. Try to let go of the fear, anxiety and feeling of being unworthy of love and having your dreams come true. The universe is working on your behalf..have hope in the future. It’s going to turn out much better than you fear it will! ~QueenOfHearts58~

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

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