Two Of Arrows Upright-Tarot Card For August 2, 2014

Two Of Arrows Upright-Description Of The Card: Peaceful or temporary truce. Impasse. Understanding a difficult situation. Balance attained, but eventually issues will have to be confronted. Acceptance of a situation’s limitations. Emotional Control. (Description by ~Kris Waldherr~)

Two Of Arrows Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: Arrow cards generally mean trouble and anxiety. However, as cards of this suit go, the Two Of Arrows is not too negative. It may indicate a time of adversity, but it also promises friendship and support to help you to get through your difficulties. A verbal duel may be shown, with hurtful words being spoken on both sides. You may be up against an opponent who is equally matched to you, causing a stalemate. It is equally likely that you will have to take a far-reaching decision with little to guide you. This is not a time to allow your heart to rule your head. Only cool, calm logic will show the way forward. (Interpretation by ~Jonathan Dee~)

Hardships may be coming at this time, you will find comfort with your friends. Try not to get into a verbal fight with someone as you both will walk away feel hurt and unheard or misunderstood. Decisions and important ones need to be made. You will need a calm, logical and level-headed approach to this situation. You will have to reign in your emotional responses to the situation and detach from it. You can only give what you can give, and how others receive that is not your responsibility. But doing so with kindness will help to make what needs to be said received better.

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