Six Of Coins Upright-Tarot Card For August 3, 2014

Six Of Coins Upright-Description Of The Card: Generosity and philanthropy. Appreciation. Sharing talents with the world. Fortune. Trusting in the prosperity of the universe. Helping others who are less fortunate. (Description by ~Kris Waldherr~)

Six Of Coins Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This is a very philanthropic card. The Six of Coins suggests that you will receive a gift that will help your financial position enormously. You may receive a windfall payment, some unearned cash or a present that will be very precious to you on a personal level. You could benefit from an investment or a trust fund or even an unexpected inheritance. Even if the help that you get doesn’t come in the form of money, it will be of great practical assistance. Traditionally, this the card of patronage, of receiving support when you need it most. Remember to be suitably grateful in your benefactor! (Interpretation by ~Jonathan Dee~)

What a great card the Six Of Coins Upright is! This card speaks to and delivers needs being fulfilled in your life at this time. Specifically, the need for money. You will be receiving some much-needed help with money and support. Help with your financial situation at this time and continued emotional and/or financial support in the future. Don’t focus on how this is going to show up in your life, instead focus on being grateful that it show up and just in time. Be sure to show appreciation to those who are contributing to this blessing your life as well.

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